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What matters? Dig Deep to Stay on Top of Things – Tools & Techniques" Family Connections Workshop, at OSH JCC, Palo Alto, CA

At the workplace, at home, in your social life, in your community, in your child's life – in your life:
Do you feel split by your disparate roles, responsibilities, obligations, needs and desires?

As you attempt to complete your to-do list, are you constantly interrupted and pulled every which way by demands on your time and attention?

Do breakdowns in communication cloud your wish for honesty, clarity, resolution, love, and contentment?
An intuitive and skilled coach, Lee Zulman has 30 years of experience in software development, people management, and adult education.

Born in South Africa, Lee was educated and has lived and worked on 3 continents. She brings all of her experience, education, and natural talent to her vocation as a Leadership and Life Coach. She is a certifed coach through New Ventures West, accredited by the ICF. She now resides in Palo Alto, USA.

Join us for an in depth discussion about tools and techniques to stay on top of these types of things.



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