Reach4u Team Building
Reach4u coaching works with you to identify what strengthens your teams and emboldens them to meet or exceed your expectations in line with your company’s highest priorities. Employees will adapt more rapidly to changing requirements and a global economy and deliver results with improved efficiency. Technical competence may have allowed individuals to take on a directive role without building the necessary competence.

Focus areas

  • Behind the 8-Ball: Energize the team around the company’s vision, mission, and goals through collaborative activities, listening, and clear communication to build trust, confidence, and allow innovation.

  • Flexibility & Adaptability: Strengthen your team’s ability to adapt to organizational change and additional business demands while controlling the cost of doing business through inquiry and creativity.

  • Constructive Contention: Diverse opinions can generate a vigorous and healthy discussion for the sake of innovation and progress. Teams will learn to engage in constructive communication and allow different opinions.

  • Time Management: By identifying values and prioritizing goals, improve efficiency, meet deadlines, and reduce stress. Ensure that every individual actively participates in meetings to a productive end.
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