Reach4u Client Profiles
Reach4u works with Clients from the following companies:
  • Genentech
  • Oracle
  • Cisco Systems, Santa Clara, CA
  • Google
  • Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  • NASA Ames Research Center
  • Intuit
  • Family Connections, OSH JCC Palo Alto

Reach4u currently works with the following clients:

  • At home mom who takes on a wage earning role and feels guilty.

  • Career woman who considers her work at home and at her job imperfect.

  • Executive who has a high-powered job and no long-term
    personal relationships.

  • Senior Manager who faces retirement and is too busy to plan
    for the future.

  • Employees whose job title is now useless and needs a Plan B.

  • New-hire at a high-profile company who feels isolated
    in the workplace.

  • Individual contributor who senses she is not working at potential and wants more.

  • Long-term employee who has succeeded on several projects and never feels satisfied.

  • Professional who has returned to work after the birth of a baby and feels overwhelmed.

  • Parent whose resume, after raising kids, seems void of credentials.

  • Employee with creative ideas who does not speak up in meetings.
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