Reach4u Personal Coaching
Lee Zulman of Reach4u Coaching allows you to sit in an open, safe space, and fully engage in coaching at its best. You will live your life fully, leaving nothing undone and appreciating all you have accomplished and are. If you are overwhelmed, lacking energy for the next step, missing clarity, or simply stuck, Reach4u coaching is for you. Perhaps you do too much and never enough? Or you do for others, leaving yourself depleted? Are you a “stay-at-home mom” or a “go-to-work mom” who is always explaining why? Are you an unemployed person who “should be employed”? Is your life out of balance – no time to work out, no time to play with the kids? Perhaps you are about to retire or “the writing’s on the wall.” You believe you are about to lose your job after years of employment and with no future plans? Are you in a perpetual tug-of-war about how to integrate your roles as mom and wage earner?

Focus areas

  • Work/Life Balance: Ensure that all domains of your life have some of your attention.

  • Conflict Resolution & Stress Management: Build in self-care practices and time for energy, well-being, and longevity. Vest in self-awareness and identify blind spots to better connect with self and others.

  • Career Development and Planning: Ask yourself what you need and want from your life; plan for today and your future. Ensure that your actions line up with your personal goals.

  • Personal Presence: Know who you are and what you stand for and project confidence and a positive outlook to others through
    self-awareness and practices in new ways of being.

  • Effective Communication Identify what you feel and make requests clearly, in line with your feelings, so that others sense your authenticity and respond openly. Listen deeply for what’s behind
    the words.

  • Expand Your Capacity for Creativity Engage in mind, body, and spiritual practices to tap into all of you so that you add options for problem-solving and innovative solutions to your life.
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