Reach4u Your Value as a Laborer of Love

Lee Zulman, Integral Coach, will facilitate a discussion on how to articulate your value at home and in the workplace, whether you do paid or unpaid work. Women on maternity leave often feel a tug and pull when they return to paid work. Comparing themselves to "SuperMoms", they feel inadequate to the tasks ahead. The longer the absence from paid work, the surer they are that their skills and knowledge are rusty and that they have been absent on maternity leave. Language they use reflects gaps in their knowledge, skills, and expertise. Questions asked by others don't help: "How will you leave your baby?" "How will you manage?" They can feed your doubts and the answers you give are key, for they reflect your confidence and help you build more.

You will learn how to strengthen your communication about who you are and what you do, now that you have taken on a labor of love, parenting. You will identify terms which present a positive image of yourself as a woman who juggles many tasks and responsibilities with all your heart. As you change your language, you will reveal your true worth.

Born in South Africa, Lee lived, worked and raised her children on 3 continents. She continues to juggle roles as grandma, mom and coach. She has an M.A. in English and is educated in computer programming. She worked for 20 years in the technology industry, most recently as an engineering manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc. She was certified as an integral coach, through New ventures West, accredited by the International Coaches Federation, 2007.

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