About Reach4u Approach
Key to my approach is the coaching relationship I build with my clients in an environment of trust and respect: I consider each client unique and already successful. My clients raise a topic. We openly share ideas, raise questions, and partner to achieve desired outcomes. I ask questions, listen deeply, observe, reflect, and create a plan from a different perspective that builds on the skills, talent, styles, and experience of my client.

We all want to be seen. My practice focuses on creating a space where my clients feel safe and free to show up and speak openly. Through conversation, a new perspective is offered, and the client has tools to remove obstacles and reach desired outcomes.

Our coaching conversation focuses on potential change in behavior,
a 3% shift that makes a critical difference for the client. The quality of the listening and interest I provide is what builds the openness needed for insight and curiosity. As an expert in the field of coaching, I help identify and remove the barriers that arise so that change happens. The client participates actively through intention and practices.

Focus areas
  • Work, Life, Balance
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Life Purpose and Fulfillment
  • Boundaries: How to say "Yes" to "No"
  • Communication that Works
  • Strong Relationships
  • Career Choices and Development
  • Role-Conflict
blossoms, new growth